Motorcycle Crashes

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists are very vulnerable motorists. They are some of the smallest vehicles on the road, so a collision with larger vehicles can be devastating, not to mention that they are not wrapped with metal that can absorb impact unlike car and truck drivers.

Motorcycles are also more economical compared to other vehicles, so more and more people are using them as alternatives. This also means that more and more people are at risk of the already vulnerable motorcycles.

It is good to know that the motorcyclists are at least protected by legal professionals, like those who specialize in motorcycle accident injuries such as the Abel Law Firm and Hach & Rose. But do you really want to injure yourself and go to court? Preventing motorcycle accidents altogether is obviously a better choice. Below is a list of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents for your knowledge and safety.

Dangerous Maneuvers

Since motorcycles are smaller compared to the other vehicles on the road, they are generally easier to stir. Also because of this, motorcyclists become too complacent and reckless when it comes to negotiating curves, turns, changing lanes, weaving, and overtaking. All these things are dangerous because they can potentially cause the motorcyclist to hit curbs, crash into obstructions such as trees, or collide with other vehicles on the road. If you are maneuvering dangerously, you are also making your position unpredictable to the other motorists around you.


Riding motorcycles can give you adrenaline rush, particularly because of the roller coaster-like sensation that can result from speed and air. This is only one of the reasons why motorcyclists tend to travel at a high speed, putting them at risk of losing control of their motorcycles. They are also giving themselves and the others around them very little reaction time or wiggle room to react to unexpected scenarios. This can easily cause a traffic accident.

External Factors

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents are not directly caused by motorcyclists, but by the elements around them, like weather conditions, defective roads, obstructions, and other reckless motorists. Weather conditions can affect road visibility and road effectiveness. Road defects, such as potholes and traffic light malfunctions, and obstructions like rocks and tree branches, are liabilities and can result into misunderstandings and unexpected stimuli. According to a motorcycle accident article on the website of the Houston personal injury lawyers of Williams Kherkher, mechanical failures and faulty motorcycle designs are also common causes of motorcycle accidents.

The best way to avoid motorcycle accidents is by driving safely. Operate your motorcycle according to your skills and be cautious of foreign objects such as other vehicles and road obstructions. Also maintain your motorcycle to ensure that it is in top condition, to avoid problems such as mechanical failures.

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