Benefits of Ridesharing

Posted By Gary Phillips on Mar 11, 2017 | 0 comments

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are slowly dominating the transportation market, eating up the precious shares of taxis and other modes of transportation. This may be bad news for taxi drivers and the like, but it may be good news for everybody else.

Ridesharing has several benefits for drivers, passengers, and even other motorists on the road. It is fair to say that the losing of taxi drivers is worth it when we look at society in a broader perspective.

More accessible mode of transport
For other transportation services, you may need to go to proper stations just so you can utilize them. You may need to stand outside while hailing or waiting for a ride. You cannot say the same for ridesharing. This kind of service is accessible through the commuter’s mobile phone, so he can just designate a pickup point and just wait for his driver to arrive.

This accessibility is particularly beneficial for those with physical limitations, like those who are under the influence of alcohol. It prevents them from forcing themselves to go to transportation service stations or drive.

Convenience of travel
Ridesharing companies do background checks on driver applicants, and require relatively new vehicles and good insurance plans. This ensures the convenience, safety, and security of potential passengers. Even those who have their own vehicles may want to try Uber and Lyft. They can arrive at work, school, or anywhere else they are going feeling more calm and relaxed by not being forced to drive and fight through traffic.

Less vehicles on the road
Since many car owners are starting to realize the convenient and economical nature of ridesharing, more and more are using the services and leaving their vehicles at home. In effect, there are less vehicles on the road, leading to less vehicular traffic, cleaner air, and better view of the surroundings.

These benefits may also translate to fewer traffic accidents, fewer health conditions related to dirty surroundings, and a better enjoyment of life.

Potential Problems
Even though ridesharing has its benefits, it is far from perfect. Having background checks on drivers will not completely filter out negligent and reckless behaviors. Requiring relatively new cars will not completely prevent defects, especially if the defects are associated with the driver’s lack of maintenance.

Requiring good insurance can also become a problem if an accident and injury has occurred. According to the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, many insurance companies will do whatever possible to pay the least amount of damages to accident victims.

Despite these potential problems, many people are still using the available ridesharing services. It seems that they are ready to face the potential problems, in exchange to the surefire benefits to drivers, passengers, and everybody else.

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